Makliftsan Construction Equipment has added a new one to its global brands!

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As a result of the negotiations with Marangoni S.p.A. (Italy), in 2016 Makliftsan İş Makinaları became the Turkish distributor of Marangoni, the original tire of the world’s most respected forklift brands. Makliftsan İş Makinaları aims to save time and price by offering long-lasting forklift tires to its customers at more affordable prices with Marangoni tires.

Marangoni S.p.A. and Makliftsan İş Makinaları are proud to announce that they are the Turkish distributor of Marangoni brand industrial forklift tires, which are intended to last for many years.

For many years Toyota Inc. In addition to being an OEM supplier for Jungheinrich forklifts, Marangoni is a respected and well-known company throughout Europe, having forklift tire approval, as does the Kion Group, which represents Still & Linde forklifts. It has a distinguished position in the industrial tire market with premium brand tires such as Evo, Eltor3 and Forza series in its factories in Italy and Sri Lanka. In addition to forklift tires, it produces commercial and passenger vehicles. It produces solutions for many sectors with its 10 factories.

Marangoni industrial tires is a unit of the Marangoni Group, which has been operating in the forklift and similar tire segments for over thirty years. The company’s main reference market is Europe, where it has a double-digit market share and a wide presence: apart from its headquarters in Rovereto, it operates headquartered in many cities and countries. After opening a production facility in Sri Lanka in 2008, it has achieved a significant increase in production capacity, with significant increases in America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

As Makliftsan İş Makinaları, we are honored to share with you the pride of being the distributor of Marangoni tires in Turkey.