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Makliftsan İş Makinaları, which started to cooperate with HANGCHA GROUP in 2013, became the Turkey distributor of Hangcha Group HC Forklift, the strongest company in the field of forklifts and warehouse equipment in the growing Chinese economy, in late 2013.

Hangcha Group HC Forklift, established on an area of ​​426,240 m² in Zhejiang province of China, has an annual business volume of 1.5 billion dollars as of 2013, is the largest manufacturer in China and the 6th largest in the world with its 2500 employees and annual forklift production of 80,000 units. . Considering that there are approximately 5,000 new diesel forklifts changing hands throughout Turkey on a yearly basis, a more consistent assessment can be made about the volume of the production capacity in question.

Hangcha Group, which has been producing NISSAN forklifts since the late 1990s, is the main manufacturer of the UNICARRIERS Group, which was formed by the merger of Tcm and Nis in terms of design, R&D and inspection. Today, HANGCHA plays an important role in the production of Diesel and Gasoline-LPG forklifts from 1 ton to 7 tons. It also undertook the production of NISSAN’s KIF series forklifts up to 1-3.5 tons. In addition, the majority of production in the wide range of MANITOU Group, which sells in 120 countries with 600 dealers located globally, is carried out in Hangcha Group HC Forklift factories.