Work safety

What is Occupational Safety?

These are systematic studies designed to protect against hazards that may occur in connection with the execution of work and conditions that may harm health and to create a better working environment.

Our Occupational Safety Policy

As Makliftsan, we are committed to keeping occupational health and safety at the highest level. In addition to the products and services we offer to our customers and employees, we also have the highest standards in occupational safety. We work meticulously to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and ensure that safety protocols are followed in the use of our equipment and after-sales support processes.

Employee Safety

The safety of our employees is our top priority. We organize regular training on the safe use and maintenance of our work equipment and constantly raise the awareness of our employees on this issue.

Product Safety

The forklifts and warehouse equipment we offer are fully compliant and certified with international safety standards. We aim to support workplace safety by providing our customers with the safest equipment.

Customer Information

We provide our customers with detailed information on the safe use and maintenance of the products they purchase. We help our customers create a safe working environment in their workplaces by sharing best practices in occupational safety.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly review our occupational safety policies and practices and aim to provide a safer working environment by making improvements.

Occupational Safety Trainings

As Makliftsan, we provide regular occupational safety training to our employees. These trainings cover the correct use and maintenance of work equipment, emergency responses and other occupational safety issues. We continually invest in training to ensure our employees work safely.