New Generation AC Forklift

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Ease of use and savings opportunity The battery is shown as one of the most important parts for electric forklifts. Hangcha Group HC Forklift, which uses local batteries such as Mutlu, İnci and Hoppecke as the main power source, took on the distributorship of Hangcha Group HC Forklift, a company in the field of new generation A series forklifts, high capacity forklifts and stacking, in Turkey at the end of 2013.

Hangcha Group HC Forklift is established on an area of ​​426,240m² in Zhejiang province of China, has an annual business volume of 1.5 billion dollars as of 2013, and is the largest forklift company in China and the 6th largest in the world with its 2500 employees and annual forklift production of 80,000 units. is the producer.